perjantai 5. maaliskuuta 2010


This time we go a bit country with famous movie themes...

First side of our first pick is Tex Ritter's well known theme from High Noon, but Olavi does an interesting version of it too...
Olavi Virta: Mua älä hylkää / Lättähattulaulu

And second pick has the vocal group Metro-Tytöt doing Johnny Guitar:
Metro-Tytöt: Surujen kitara / Olavi Virta: Kolme kitaraa

DAF - Die kleinen und die bösen

More German eccentrics, DAF would be going to influence electric music to come with their later releases but I am nevertheless fond of this wonky punky album...

Klaus Nomi - Simple Man

The other album of the delightful German eccentric.

sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2010


And more of these...

Auringon lapset is a good candidate for my favorite Georg Malmsten song (and that is saying a lot), even though I have never heard his own version of it...but at least A. Aimo and Jari Sillanpää have done fine versions of it, and then there is this version...

Tapio Rautavaara: Auringon lapset / Menen enkä meinaa

And the other one is by Matti Louhivuori, one side a classic and the other a fine song too.

Matti Louhivuori: Kulkurin iltatähti / Kievarin Kirsti

Faust - Faust IV

Faust is one of the more challenging krautrock groups, when they are good they are really good but far too easily they also trip to non-listenable...
This is probably their poppiest album.

lauantai 9. tammikuuta 2010


A double feature of Henry Theel, who besides his contributions to tango did do a fair share of other music genres too...

Syyspihlajan alla was of course a major hit, though I have trouble not hearing this with the post war parody lyrics (starting "Punertaa housut Marjatan...")
Syyspihlajan alla / Lähtiessä

Real Brazilians might have trouble recognizing the following as samba, but anyway...and the other side is a fine song too.
On sambaa tanssi tää / Soutuvenheellä Kiinaan

Gene Autry - 16 Country Classics

I do find this cowboy side of country music appealing, here's a comp from one of the major artists.

Sorry, no pic. And no Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer either.