perjantai 5. maaliskuuta 2010


This time we go a bit country with famous movie themes...

First side of our first pick is Tex Ritter's well known theme from High Noon, but Olavi does an interesting version of it too...
Olavi Virta: Mua älä hylkää / Lättähattulaulu

And second pick has the vocal group Metro-Tytöt doing Johnny Guitar:
Metro-Tytöt: Surujen kitara / Olavi Virta: Kolme kitaraa

2 kommenttia:

  1. Any updates coming? It's been ages since the last time.

  2. At least for now no updates any time soon, but majority if not all of the past links are still operational, so there's a decent selction of music here. I'll be checking the files every now and then, and once those start to go away (Mediafire has a policy that if a file is not downloaded for a certain period it is removed) I might put in some new stuff.