sunnuntai 8. marraskuuta 2009

More 78s

Today's order is two versions of international hit Bei mir bist du schön, covered by more artists I can count...but here two quite different versions, one from 30s and the second from 50s

First one is from mid-30s,
Arvi Tikkala - Jäähyväiset / Sä kaunehin oot

and the second 20 years later,
Brita Koivunen - Mustat silmät / Sä kaunehin oot

4 kommenttia:

  1. Would be nicer if all links in the last 2 posts didn't lead to the same "Mina - L'oro di Mina" -album

  2. Oh, thanks for the spot, mediafire "share link" thingie apparently didn't work...

  3. Thx-a-lot, haven't succeeded to find anywhere either the "original" aka almost same arr. Ernie Freeman's instrumental Dark Eyes or Sä kaunehin oot by Brita ja Eikka, which includes nice change of tempo in the middle of the song. Most artists start it with a lower tempo. The B-side was "Charlie Brown" aka "Kalle taas"

    All your picks plus comments are nice, fine and interesting.

  4. Whow, the Brita Koivunen songs are really lovely interpretations. Thanks for this!