lauantai 12. joulukuuta 2009


Two older jazzy numbers!

The first one was discussed on Tahtipuikko blog in an article discussing versions of a Cole Porter classic "Night and Day". I did a bit of snooping around to get that Olavi Virta version and here it is:

Olavi Virta: Päivin öin / Oi tyttösein

The second single is from Reino Armio, a singer popular in 30s and early 40s who has been mostly forgotten nowadays...and even in 40s ended up quitting his work with Sointu recording company because he considered he was getting only B-grade material and all the good stuff was going to Eugen Malmsten and A. Aimo. He was right in that of course, but still a shame because he was a good performer.

Reino Armio: Sateenraskaat pilvet / Swingiä maisteri

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  1. D'oh, just got those tracks myself 3 days ago.
    I was a bit dissapointed in the Finnish version of "Night and Day" as it felt somewhat...pale and tired, despite Virta's great voice.

    Already had Armio's songs, unfortunately.
    But I'd suppose there are other visitor who may find your contributions useful.