perjantai 16. lokakuuta 2009

More shellac

One Hiski Salomaa single was on earlier post, here's his debut one from 1927

Hiski Salomaa - Tiskarin polkka / Askon kolmirivinen

Loituma's recent version of Ievan polkka became a while ago a bizarre Internet phenomenon (go search YouTube for that), but it's not the only version; here's Jorma Ikävalko in 1950.

Jorma Ikävalko - Ievan polkka / Kenen syy

(and if someone could point me to the direction of Matti Jurva's 1935 version of the same, I'd be happy...)

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  1. Thanks again.
    Unfortunately I have no idea where one could get Jurva's version. It's only available in Ylesradio record "Oli lemmensatumme suloinen" and played during "Sekahaku" -radio programme 18th February 2008.